THMA Consulting

Distinct Medical Aesthetics

Distinct Medical Aesthetics is honoured to serve as a Regional Training Centre for THMA Consulting, an acclaimed national company that offers top-quality medical aesthetics training for nurses and physicians.

THMA Consulting’s mission is to provide healthcare professionals with a comprehensive medical aesthetics training program of in-depth knowledge, skills and ongoing mentoring that will develop successful, safe and ethical medical aesthetic practices. The nationally recognized Foundation Courses give participants the fundamental tools to master all aspects of medical aesthetics. Nurses also receive 40 credit hours from the Canadian Nursing Association.

Our Jacklyn Sudetic is on the THMA Consulting Team of expert clinical trainers, bringing her impressive experience and a passion for teaching to the position.

At Distinct Medical Aesthetics, Jacklyn will be responsible for Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training. This course ties together the program’s virtual learning component, and puts successful participants on the path to a career in medical aesthetics.

Because the learning at THMA Consulting doesn’t end when the training is completed, Distinct Medical Aesthetics will also serve as a Bridging Clinic for the THMA family of medical aesthetics practitioners who want to sharpen their skills while they pursue job opportunities or an independent practice.

Nurses and physicians who might be interested in training with THMA Consulting can contact Tracey Hotta at [email protected]

THMA Consulting